Free HTML/CSS Calendar

Realistic Planner

Free CSS Calendar with Realistic Planner

Realistic Planner is a classic skeuomorphism for merging minimalist designs with skeuomorphic ideas. It is a neat planner calendar that looks like a traditional flip-top print calendar. All the months are fully dynamic and powered by JavaScript.

3D Flip Animation Calendar

Free CSS 3D Calendar

Flip Animation is a 3D animations on calendar which is pretty unique because the design relies on pure CSS, yet the flip animation runs as a custom jQuery method. When clicking on the days, the 3D flipping nicely rotating.

HTML/CSS Calendar

HTML/CSS Calendar

HTML Calendar is a classic looking simple HTML calendar. On the left of the calendar, you can see the current day and date. The designer has used only HTML and CSS to create this calendar so you can work easily with this calendar.

HTML/CSS Calendar

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